12 March 2008

STFU: Spoiled Sleepers for 2008

Sleep•er [slee-per] noun
A player poised for fantasy production greater than conventional expectations.

I was looking forward to snatching a few of these guys in the middle/towards the end of drafts this year. But then they ended up on everyone's list of sleeper candidates. Now (a) they're being overvalued and/or (b) being picked early enou
gh so that they're no longer the bargain that made them so attractive.

Scott Baker (SP - MIN) He was on so many sleeper lists that he hurt his back and will now may start the season on the DL.

Chad Billingsley (SP - LAD) There's been so much talk that he's regularly going during the 8th round at Mock Draft Central. I'm sorry, but were we drafting a mock keeper league?

Michael Bourn (OF - HOU) Made more sleeper lists than Juan Pierre made "overvalued" lists.

Edwin Encarnacion (3B - CIN) I liked him more before everyone found out he'll play half his games at Great American Ball Park.

Zack Greinke (SP - KC) No longer being ignored because he pitches for the Royals. Too bad.

Jeremy Hermida (OF - FLA) On more sleeper lists than he was in 2007.

Matt Kemp (OF - LAD)
See Bourn, Michael.

Joakim Soria (RP - KC)
See Greinke, Zack.

Geovany Soto (C - CHC)
So much for getting #1 C production at the end of the draft.

Adam Wainwright (SP - STL)
Now even Donny knows what his second half numbers were last year.

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