10 March 2008

Out of Your Element: Russell Martin

In WS's continuing series of potential 2008 goldbrickers:

Russell Martin
Remember when Brian McCann hit 25 HR and 93 RBI while batting .333 in 2006?  Remember how disappointed his owners were in 2007 when he didn't produce as much power and his BA dropped 60 points?  Not to say that he won't bounce back, but it's likely that expectations were too high for such a young guy playing such a tough position. 

Martin, another very young guy (25), had a nice blend of 19 HR, 87 RBI, 21 SB and .293 BA in 2007.  But, for the full story, look at his performance in the second half of 2007.  After the ASB, Martin kept his BA up, but had only 36 R, 8 HR, 27 RBI, and 5 SB.  

A bright future, for sure.  But I don't like growing pains in my third round pick... and this is our concern, Dude.  

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