13 March 2008

Out of Your Element: Manny Ramirez

From WS's continuing series of potential 2008 goldbrickers:
Calling 2007 a disappointment for Manny Ramirez is now cliché.  But at least he was able to spend some time towards the end of the regular season to work on his hot website.  And while fantasy pundits have universally lowered Manny's overall rank, they're still placing him in the 5th round.  Far out, man.  The last place I'd like to be is between Manny and a bag of kind bud.  Second to that is a bag of money (he's playing for a team-option year).  

But let's not forget, let's NOT forget that he turns 36 in May.  He hasn't hit really hit more than 100 RBI since 2005.  Although, let's grant him that it's tough to rake in RBI when one doesn't get the ABs (449 in 2006, 483 in 2007).   

Sure, based upon his legendary career, there's (diminished) potential.  But there's a lot of other potential to be had in the 5th round of your draft.  Without the risk, too. 


Adam said...

Your blog looked sad with no comments.

Walter Sobchak said...

Yeah, well, obviously you're not a golfer.